Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"Keep Portland Weird"

Have you ever wanted to take a random trip for a few days and just go for an adventure? Well I always have and Portland was my destination. Although drizzle was expected, my friend Charmy and I didn't mind walking around downtown district with no umbrella like the rest of the Portlanders. Portland is considered as one of the  greenest cities in the world since they have efficient public transportations, preserve nature and promote urban bicycling. We had a chance to visit shopping districts such as The Pearl, Hawthorne, Lloyd center, NW 23rd and Pioneer place. You can't beat the feeling when paying TAX FREE! Getting lost in a city you've never been to before led us to some of the most amazing scenic views. I do wish we stayed for an extra day just to go hike at Forest Park which would take the whole day to hike. Oh, did I mention - Portland is full of creative, intellectual individuals which I really appreciate. I can honestly say that I have enjoyed the ambiance in every single place that we have visited. As I sit here at a cafe, sipping on my fresh brewed, local Stumptown coffee, I know I will definitely miss Portland atmosphere.