Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Over the sea

I've been wanting to visit an old aircraft carrier and finally had the chance to pay the USS Hornet a visit with my friend, Brandon. This ship played a big part in the pacific battles during the World War II and participated in the recovery of Apollo 11 so it was exciting to be able to explore in the ship. We attended the orientation right upon arrival, and were instructed to come back 30 minutes later for the engine tour. But what I really came here for was the flight deck, and so we decided to look for it and stumbled upon the flight deck tour. Perfect timing! We stuck around until the end of the tour which lasted about an hour. After the tour was over, we decided to look at the aircrafts and then we searched for the sick bay. We got lost for a little while and found the sick bay with the help of one of the veterans. It was quite interesting to get an insight of how the sick bay surgery rooms, eye rooms, the ward looked like in 1942.