Monday, November 11, 2013

5 minute ramblings

1.) Sometimes it is better to bite your tongue, instead of arguing to get your point across (even though you are right).
2.) Gratitude = happiness. I wake up and go to sleep everyday thanking God for everything.
3.) I used to hate winter, but now I love it...... I used to hate tea, but I gave it another chance - now I love it.
4.) Self reminder: Never settle.
5.) "Don't expect others to understand when God didn't give them your vision."
6.) Waking up early solves numerous things.
7.) Things change constantly and so do people. I have learned to accept that fact long time ago.
8.) Time is one of the most wonderful gifts you can ever give someone.
9.) Only insecure people bad mouth others, or get offended by what others say about them.
10.) Having a strong mind with an open heart is everything.
11.) Stay focused, be patient, it will all be worth it.
12.) You think you know me so well. ... But you don't.
13.) Friends who genuinely support & believe in you >
14.) Is this the time wherein all my friends decide they want to be engaged and all that stuff? To be honest, that is on the bottom of my list.
15.) Hmm, I need a haircut. Yesss I dooo.
16.) You always need to have a back up plan.